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"After five years and 20 titles, Columbia Global Reports has found a successful formula: it allows top authors to take on big, timely subjects in short, accessible books." —Publishers Weekly | June 14, 2019

"A series from Columbia University that aims to give fresh views of global issues in just a few hours’ reading."—Financial Times | October 22, 2018

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Book #1: The Call by Krithika Varagur
Published on April 21, 2020.

Book #2 ships by July 6, 2020: Ghosting the News by Margaret Sullivan
To be published on July 14, 2020.

Book #3 ships by September 10, 2020
Expected publication in October 2020.

Book #4 ships by January 10, 2021
Expected publication in February 2021.

Book #5 ships by April 1, 2021
Expected publication in May 2021.

Book #6 ships by May 1, 2021
Expected publication in June 2021.
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