Our Mission

Columbia Global Reports is a nonprofit publishing imprint from Columbia University that commissions authors to produce works of original thinking and on-site reporting from all over the world, on a wide range of topics.

Our books are short—novella-length, and readable in a few hours—but ambitious. They offer new ways of looking at and understanding the major issues of our time.

Most readers are curious and busy. Our books are for them.


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“Columbia Global Reports fills a unique niche with timely, deeply reported and argued short books on big issues that are just around the corner. We don't just publish books. We use books to start continuing conversations about topics that weren't getting the attention they deserved until we took them on.”
—Nicholas Lemann, Director of Columbia Global Reports

“Nick Lemann and I started Columbia Global Reports to make sure that important, and often underreported, stories receive the attention they deserve. Since then, the imprint has consistently been out in front on the issues of the moment with publications on topics like net neutrality, pop culture, fracking, politics, and so many more. I am very proud of what Nick and his team have accomplished and eager to see what comes next.”
—Lee C. Bollinger, President Emeritus of Columbia University

Columbia Global Reports is distributed by Publishers Group West.