Soul by Soul

Soul by Soul
The Evangelical Mission to Spread the Gospel to Muslims

On the front lines of a clash of religions

US-born Protestant evangelicalism has gone global to the extent that many of us might be unaware of. This book tells the story of Americans’ colossal mobilization to proclaim Christianity “to the ends of the Earth,” a movement that triumphed in the Global South, challenged the Vatican, then turned east in full force after 9/11 to spread the Gospel among Muslims. When the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq set off a wave of anti-American attacks and made the field too dangerous for US missionaries, thousands of preachers, particularly from Latin America, were mobilized to finish the task.

In Soul by Soul, journalist Adriana Carranca follows the pilgrimage of a missionary family from Brazil, the world’s largest Catholic country, to Afghanistan, where terror attacks against and killings of Christians have become increasingly common. Carranca brings us on a journey through the underground passages of the global evangelical movement as it clashes with the full force of militant Islamic groups in the Middle East, where contemporary religious wars are being fought, soul by soul.


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Soul by Soul
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About the author

Adriana Carranca

Adriana Carranca is a Brazilian writer and journalist. She has extensively covered the war in Afghanistan and important events in Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Haiti, Mexico, Great Britain, Uganda, Congo, South Sudan, among others. Her work has appeared in the Atlantic, the New York Times, Granta, Foreign Policy, and Slate. She lives in New York City.