New Release: May 2021

The Politics of Our Time by John B. Judis “Mr. Judis writes, as usual, with clarity and wit, and his knowledge of modern politics in Europe and North America is vast. As in his volume on populism, also collected here, he makes a strong economic case for the nationalist impulse.” —The Wall Street Journal

New Release: April 2021

Reading Our Minds by Daniel Barron “Psychiatry needs innovation. Daniel Barron takes us through the possibilities of this brave new world where technology, often cited as the problem, can become part of the solution for our mental health. With clarity and clinical relevance, he shows us that the future of psychiatry may be already in our hands (or our pockets).” —Tom Insel, former director, National Institute of Mental Health

New Release: March 2021

The Agenda by Ian Millhiser “Writing clearly and succinctly, Millhiser dissects many of the worst opinions the modern court has rendered about voting rights, administrative law, religion and forced arbitration. After reading his cogent arguments, it becomes perfectly obvious why he thinks it's necessary to end ‘with a note of alarm’ ... [A] great short book.” —The Guardian

New Release: February 2021

Carte Blancheby Harriet Washington “Urgent, alarming, riveting, and essential, Carte Blanche reveals that Americans, including African Americans, are still being medically experimented upon without their consent—yet again in research sanctioned by law. Harriet Washington’s powerful indictment of ongoing medical coercion unveils a gross violation of our human rights. It is vital reading at a moment when change is so necessary.” —Ibram X. Kendi