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Beautiful, Gruesome, and True by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie
“Kaelen Wilson-Goldie writes with clarity and great knowledge about the artists Amar Kanwar, Teresa Margolles, and the Syrian collective Abounaddara.” —Glenn D. Lowry, David Rockefeller Director, Museum of Modern Art

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The Fed Unbound by Lev Menand
“A clear, textbook-style history of the founding of the Fed and an explanation of what it actually does in the money market.” The Washington Post

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The Infodemic by Joel Simon and Robert Mahoney
“At a moment when censorship and its close sibling, weaponized misinformation, are shaking the foundations of democracies around the world, Joel Simon and Robert Mahoney bring us an important dissection of that crisis—and gripping stories from its frontlines. The Infodemic is an essential record.” —Ronan Farrow

Timelier Than Ever

The Agenda by Ian Millhiser
Trying to make sense of the Supreme Court?
We’re here to help.

“Ian Millhiser offers a perfect short read for a key moment in U.S. constitutional history.” The Guardian

February 2022

The Subplot by Megan Walsh “A sharp, revealing portrait of contemporary China.... Elegantly written and fascinating.” —Adam Foulds, author of The Quickening Maze

November 2021

Miseducation by Katie Worth “Thank heaven that this book will spark a crucial national conversation about the hijacking of our educational system.” —Bill McKibben