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On Sale: April 21, 2020

The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project by Krithika Varagur “The Call provides a first-hand deep dive into the facts of how Saudi Arabia spawned Salafi movements abroad.... These days, when so few journalists bother to dig for facts, preferring to pontificate, Krithika Varagur’s work stands out.” —Karen Elliott House more

New Release

Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink by Jeffrey Wasserstrom “In this well-organized, strikingly relevant work, the author provides a penetrating review of the situation through on-the-ground reporting and interviews with protest leaders like Joshua Wong and Chris Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong…. A passionate, important study of the current affairs of a volatile region.” —Kirkus ★ starred review more

New Release

State of War: MS-13 and El Salvador’s World of Violence by William Wheeler "In State of War, his gripping, electrifying study of the brutal Salvadoran gang culture, William Wheeler dramatizes with almost painful immediacy a vital truth: that all the fevered talk about a "crisis at the border" is really an ignorant lament about what three decades of US foreign policy have wrought.... With his vivid prose and intrepid reporting, Wheeler has shown us the bloody consequences borne by real people—and given us a powerful, unforgettable book." —Mark Danner more

4/20/2020, Miranda Sita

'The Call' with Krithika Varagur | Part Two

'The Call' with Krithika Varagur | Part Two

The second part of our interview with Krithika Varagur. In her new book, "The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project," Varagur traverses three continents to tell the story of the Saudi religious campaign from Indonesia, Nigeria, and Kosovo. She finds Saudi money in all kinds of places, from universities to political parties to extremist… more

4/13/2020, UNDERREPORTED With Nicholas Lemann Podcast

"The Call" with Krithika Varagur | Part One

Krithika Varagur's new book, "The Call: Inside the Global Saudi Religious Project," chronicles the House of Saud’s vast project to systematically transform the Muslim world in its own image by spreading abroad Wahhabism, its brand of ultraconservative Islam. Using billions of dollars, thousands of personnel, and institutions both governmental and unofficial, "Saudi money" is both… more

2/18/2020, UNDERREPORTED With Nicholas Lemann Podcast

"Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink" with Jeffrey Wasserstrom

On the frontlines of the battle for democracy in China. Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink represents a rare example of deep historical, cultural, and political context produced on deadline about a major ongoing news event. Drawing on a rich store of knowledge and wisdom, and writing with literary power as well as analytic rigor, Jeffrey Wasserstrom… more