Watch the book trailer: 'The Nationalist Revival: Trade, Immigration, and the Revolt Against Globalization' by John B. Judis

As he did for populism in 2016's The Populist Explosion ("Well-written and well-researched, powerfully argued and perfectly timed."—The Economist), John B. Judis looks at nationalism from its modern origins in the 1800s to today to find answers. Watch the teaser here:

"The longtime political journalist limns the rise of Trumpian nationalism in the face of a bewilderingly global world."—Kirkus Reviews


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4/11/2019, UNDERREPORTED With Nicholas Lemann Podcast

John B. Judis: Is Progressive Nationalism a Thing?

John B. Judis: Is Progressive Nationalism a Thing?

Nick speaks with Columbia Global Reports author and veteran reporter John B. Judis about his new book that examines the worldwide wave of nationalism and how U.S. Democrats can win against Donald Trump in 2020.