John B. Judis Tour Dates: 'The Nationalist Revival' and 'The Populist Explosion'

Why Has Nationalism Come Roaring Back?

Two years ago, on the eve of the 2016 election, Columbia Global Reports published John Judis’ The Populist Explosion, which predicted a worldwide wave of populist sentiment, on the left and the right, in reaction to the disruptions caused by globalization. The Populist Explosion has become one of the standard places people go to try to understand the phenomenon of Donald Trump.

Now Judis has written a sequel: The Nationalist Revival: Trade, Immigration, and the Revolt Against Globalization, which takes his argument one step further, from politics into governance. He makes a powerful and provocative case for nationalism as an inescapable aspect of politics, everywhere in the world; he regards the idea that nationalism is merely a long-running transitional phase between local and global governance as absurd. He also refutes the idea that nationalism is inevitably right-wing. In his view, the left has ceded nationalism to the right by declining to address working people’s concerns about immigration and trade. The rise of leaders like Donald Trump in the United States and Viktor Orban in Hungary is the result. Judis believes that nationalism should be recaptured, not wished away.

This is a book meant to explain, and also to foment a discussion that we are not having yet. It is indispensable reading for people who want to understand the current moment. Please join us in a city near you with author John B. Judis.

Tour Dates

The book is designed by the firm Strick&Williams. Pre-order now and it will arrive on your doorsteps October 9, 2018.

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