We're Hiring: Digital Audience Engagement Manager

Columbia Global Reports
May 17, 2016

Reporting to the Director and working closely with the Publisher and Editor, the Digital Audience Engagement Manager is responsible for growing the imprint’s social media identity, defining and engaging a digital audience, enhancing our publicity and marketing campaigns through digital, and helping identify and market to each book’s specific topics.


  • Manage Columbia Global Reports’ social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, website) with the goal of communicating the brand, individual books, author events, newsletter and our blog. Identify ways to grow our social media audience and connect our blog to more readers and other bloggers who will recommend it. Initiate Columbia Global Reports content on YouTube and Instagram.
  • Work closely with our editorial team to identify, create, gather and execute content for our website, newsletter and social media accounts. Be able to edit audio and video of our authors and events for online distribution.
  • Columbia Global Report’s books cover specific topics around globalization (business, culture, politics, science, etc). You will do a deep dive into each book’s niche audiences, including bloggers, websites and newsletters and help us connect with them. You will help shape our content for these different audiences across our various social media platforms. You will think of creative ways to grow our audience and keep that audience engaged in our social platforms. This will include growing our subscription lists.
  • You will determine the most strategic and optimized use of a digital marketing budget and manage digital marketing campaigns.
  • You are a news junkie who will capitalize on news stories, trends, or hashtags that are relevant to Columbia Global Report’s books and brand. You’ll work in tandem with the Publisher to connect her with reporters and producers who are covering topics where our books and authors can contribute to the conversation. Much of your work will enhance the efforts of the Publisher to attract press attention for each book.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications for Grade:

Bachelor’s degree required. 2-3 years of related experience.

Additional Position-Specific Minimum Qualifications:

We are looking for a news junkie and avid reader who will enjoy connecting Columbia Global Reports to what is happening in the world every day.

You must be an avid user of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vine, YouTube, Vimeo, and Snapchat, be engaged in the social media community, and eager to learn about new technologies and trends.

You have a demonstrated ability to write and create engaging and error-free social media content that matches our tone and subject matter quickly and consistently for several audience. You want to be a vital member of a small, hard-working team.

Salary range: $52,000.

Columbia Global Reports is an imprint that publishes six short books a year, each on a significant global topic, that aims to combine the vividness, immediacy, and accessibility of journalism with the intellectual and analytic breadth, depth, and acuity of scholarship.

Please email cover letter and resume to Jimmy So at jimmy.so@columbia.edu. Please include any social media handles you have.

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